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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    20082008, (SCI)Ou,Chin- Wen
    2008顧為元,2008,轉型領導對組織公民行為影響之研究—以組織承諾為中介變項,教育與心理研究,31,1,pp205-231 (TSSCI)Wei-Yuan Guh
    20077, (Others)Ou,Chin- Wen
    2005Guh Wei-Yuan & Fan Chwei-Jen,2005,A Study of User Behavior on Internet Legal Research Systems ,Intelligent Information Management Systems and Technologies,1,2,pp204-210 (Others)Wei-Yuan Guh
    2005Fan Chwei-Jen & Guh Wei-Yuan,2005,Assessing ERP Implementation ─ A model for Integrating TAM and TTF ,Intelligent Information Management Systems and Technologies,1,1,pp1-11 (Others)Wei-Yuan Guh
    2005周家慧、顧為元、張淑敏,品牌、廣告與價格因素對速食產品購買意願之影響,餐旅暨家政學刊,2,4,pp519-534 (Others)Wei-Yuan Guh
    2004周家慧、張善斌、范垂仁、顧為元,2004,綜合所得稅網路結算申報系統的接受度之研究,電子商務研究,2,4,pp359-380 (Others)Wei-Yuan Guh
    19995,Ou,Chin- Wen
    19984,Ou,Chin- Wen
    19973,Ou,Chin- Wen
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