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    Entry YearPublicationAuthor
    20142014,43,2,pp346-358 (SSCI)Chia-Hui Chou
    20142014,48,1/2,pp170-192 (SSCI)Chia-Hui Chou
    2013Wei-Yuan Guh, Shang-Ping Lin, Chwei-Jen Fan, Chin-Fang Yang,2013,Effects of Organizational Justice on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: Mediating Effect of Institutional Trust and Affective Commitment,Psychological Reports: Human Resource & Marketing,112,3,pp1-17 (SSCI)Wei-Yuan Guh
    2013Suh-Jenq Yang*, Hsin-Tao Lee and Jia-Yuarn Guo,2013,Multiple common due dates assignment and scheduling problems with resource allocation and general position-dependent deterioration effect,International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,67,pp181-188 (SCI)Yang,Suh-Jenq
    2013Dar-Li Yang and Suh-Jenq Yang*,2013,Unrelated parallel-machine scheduling with multiple rate-modifying activities,Information Sciences,235,pp280-286 (SCI)Yang,Suh-Jenq
    2013Hsin-Tao Lee, Dar-Li Yang and Suh-Jenq Yang*,2013,Multi-machine scheduling with deterioration effects and maintenance activities for minimizing the total earliness and tardiness costs,International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,66,pp547-554 (SCI)Yang,Suh-Jenq
    2013Suh-Jenq Yang*,2013,Unrelated parallel-machine scheduling with deterioration effects and deteriorating multi-maintenance activities for minimizing the total completion time,Applied Mathematical Modelling,37,pp2995-3005 (SCI)Yang,Suh-Jenq
    20132013,23,S1,pp83-110 (TSSCI)Chia-Hui Chou
    2012Yu-Ling Yeh, Tung-Hsu Hou, Wen-Yen Chang,2013,Data Mining Techniques for Assisting the Classification of Children Occupational Therapy,Journal of Disability Research (Taiwan),11,2,pp69-84 (Others)Yeh,Yu-Ling
    2012Yu-Ling Yeh1 , Chin-Yao Low2,2013,A Study of Applying the Grey Theory to Predict Dialysis Products,Journal of Nan Kai,10,1,pp1-12 (Others)Yeh,Yu-Ling
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